UK: “Scotland has said NO” Chief Counting Officer declares nat’l results

Published on September 19, 2014

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SOT, Election official (English): “The total number of votes cast in favour of each answer to the referendum question for the whole of Scotland is as follows: Yes – the number of votes 1,617,989; No – the number of votes: 2,001,926. There were 3,429 rejected papers. The reasons for rejection are as follows: want of an official mark – 16 papers; voting in favour of both answers – 691 papers; writing on mark, by which the voter could be identified – 168 papers; unmarked or void for uncertainty – 2,554 papers. Therefore, the majority of valid votes cast yesterday by the people of Scotland in response to the referendum question ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ were in favour of ‘No’.”


The majority of Scots have voted ‘No’ in the independence referendum, an election official announced in Edinburgh on Friday morning.

With all council areas having declared results of Thursday’s independence referendum, latest nationwide figures show a 10-point lead for the ‘No’ campaign with about 55 percent voting no (2,001,926) and 45 percent voting yes (1,617,989). The total of ballot papers counted was 3,623,344.

Overall turnout was 84.6 percent.

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